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About the Book

When Princess Zara wakes up, she thinks it’s going to be another great birthday. Then her parents share an old family tradition with her: spreading the love. Soon, Zara is learning there’s much more to birthdays than cake and presents. This tale, which teaches the true value of giving back, is perfect for bedtime, circle time, 
or any time!

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My daughter's third birthday was quickly approaching and I wanted to do a princess themed birthday party.

My little girl had been watching a certain princess on Disney, she watched all 4 seasons, every episode. I thought about giving her a party with that theme but since she one of the few girls of color in her class, I wanted to do something to represent her, and also show the other children that there are little black princesses.

So when I went to look for merchandise, I could not find it ....everyone would tell me, well, what about princess Tiana? And there was absolutely nothing. 

I went into stores to find a pajama set with princess Tiana or a little black princess and I could find no black characters for pajamas nor birthday merchandise. And that's when I started to realize that there was no mainstream black princess cartoon that my child could binge watch. Like she had done for this Disney Princess.

I went to lunch one day with a girlfriend and her husband, and she wanted to know more. So I showed her a mock up picture of princess Zara. And then I showed the picture to Ava, my two year old daughter at the time. And she looked at the pictures. ...And she looked at her hand and she looked at the picture and she looks at her hand and she said, “Mommy, I don't want this one. I want the other one. I want the white one. “My jaw dropped, my girlfriend started crying.

I realized then that theage old test of which doll is smarter, the black doll or the white doll wasn't based on anyone seeing that black or white was smarter, but because you didn't see it and it wasn't represented in our community, then it didn't matter.

So even though no one told my little girl that white was better ...because she didn't see it in her cartoons, her characters , her clothes ...that she too will grow up to learn that white was better. So I am on a mission to share with the world a beautiful black princess that all little girls, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and other can look up to and get excited about dressing up as. 

That they can strive to be like. And her main mission is to spread love. She has this beautiful heart necklace and an awesome pup named Ziggy, and they go around giving back to spread love. Her mom, queen, Adanna is a ballet dancer that teaches the neighborhood children how to do ballet. And her father King Zahir teaches the young men how to believe in themselves. So as a family, they are spreading love across their city, and they live on the outskirts of a Metro city. It’s a really cool cartoon and I would love to see what a partnership could be like to make it go mainstream. Princess Zara a cartoon that every little girl can look forward to.

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About the Author

Dr. Casandra Henriquez created the Princess Zara series to highlight a smart, giving, beautiful princess that all children  can learn from and admire. 

This series will teach children how  they can make a difference, starting with spreading the love. Dr.  Henriquez lives in South Florida with her rock star husband,  Andy, and her brilliant daughter, Ava.

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InspireMany ©2020  All Rights Reserved

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